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Masterful Public Speaking


Public speaking is a petri dish of our deepest social anxieties. Do people think I'm credible?  Does what I have to say matter? How do I look?


For some public speaking triggers a full panic response, while others see it as an everyday part of their working lives.

With Public Speaking Coaching, we equip you with the evidence-based skills to not just tolerate but thrive as a trained public speaker. You'll see rapid improvement in the following communication areas: in your organization of ideas, in your expressive delivery, and in your ability to speak improvisationally.


We help you optimize the structure of your pitch or presentation, teach delivery techniques inspired by acting skills, and discover your unique speaking strengths. 

Sound familiar?

1) Fearful Speaker

Among the 90% of people with some degree of glossophobia - fear of public speaking? You're in good company! Perhaps your anxiety is just sweaty palms and a queezy stomach. Or maybe this fear has significantly impacted your life, causing many restless nights and passed up opportunities.

2) Chronically Jumbled

What you intend to say never quite makes its way out correctly in words. You feel like your speech is typically rambling and unclear.  When the stakes are high, its extra important to be clear and concise.

3) From Behind Screens to In-Front of Mics

You've spent most of your career behind a desk. You've risen in leadership and now you're in front of a mic. You're inexperienced in public speaking and need support on practicing professional pitches and presentations.

What You Can Expect

Learn how to organize thoughts and deliver messages clearly and concisely

Improve your oration skills - master gesture, vocal variety, audience engagement, and storytelling

Gain confidence to start speaking off-the-cuff

Master proven public speaking skills used by the worlds most successful communicators

Develop clarity in your unique speaker style 

Overcome any lingering fear of speaking with proven stress-busting, confidence-building techniques.

Bring your pitches and presentations to life with compelling narrative structure, credible content, and authentic, personal delivery

Working Together

Ready to Speak with Confidence?
Start with a Free Coaching Call Today

Hava, I cannot thank you enough for that incredible session. I am so happy that everyone was open to discussing these vulnerable topics. You are truly an expert in your craft." 

Young Leader, ADL

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