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Leadership Presence 


Presence can feel mystical. Some people have a natural ability to make friends upon entering any room. Others seem destined to chat up the wallpaper.

Presence - our impact on the world around us - includes our body language, vocal tone, facial expressions, and often unconscious behaviors that leave an impression. 

Through our coaching, you'll shed outdated habits and discover how to present yourself aligned with the confident and communicative leader you're becoming.

Do these sound familiar?

1) Lonely-At-The-Top 

You're a younger leader whose spent the last decade grinding hard. While you made it to the top, you feel strangely disoriented now that there is no where left to climb. 

2) Jokes on Me

You've always been hard-working and bright, but this new job feels like a reach, even for you. Now you manage a team, meet weekly with the C-Suite, but on the inside you feel like... a joke. 

3) Overlooked

Despite your professional pedigree and abundant creativity, you are constantly overlooked  and underestimated. You struggle to express your expertise, and even the charming college interns gets more recognition than you. You wonder if you have what it takes to lead.

What You Can Expect

Your Sh*t Will Surface

Our presence is mostly unconscious habits we've picked up to feel safe in the world. We can now choose mindsets and behaviors that fit the version of ourselves we are evolving into. 

Personalized Program

The program is typically 9-weeks and is fully customized based off of your unique needs. You have access to a hub of resources and unlimited texting support with me. 


We move quickly together, rapidly prototyping new ways of being and seeing the world.  I have found that change feels easier when we treat it like an experiment, rather than a permanent change.

Multiple Modalities

This work brings together mindfulness practice, leadership communication theory, and acting techniques. We will be exploring how the human body and voices are vehicles for personal presence, and discovering how we can come in closer connection with our human instrument. 

Time for a Personal Power-Up?

The next chapter begins today. Please share your information and intention for coaching with me by submitting this form. Expect a follow-up within a day.

Thanks for submitting!

"Hava, I cannot thank you enough for that incredible session. I am so happy that everyone was open to discussing these vulnerable topics. You are truly an expert in your craft."

Young Leader, ADL

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