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Speak Truth:
Authentic Communication

A Group Journey to Confident Self-Expression

Come off mute if...

You climb the ladder and exceed expectations. But you're begining to feel oddly resentful towards it all.

You ~love~ to help and ~hate~ causing an inconveniece.

The confidence or passion you feel on the inside doesn't always make it through to people.


You may not feel like you deserve your success. 


You fantasize about living in a different way, but you resist taking action.

Image by Franco Antonio Giovanella

Live Life for You

With our best-in-class public speaking training,  you'll have the ability to communicate what is on the inside to the outside world, aligning your behavior with your inner experience.

01. Say It Like You Mean It

Begin to listen to your needs and set effective boundaries. Dive into the art of conflict transformation with  Authentic Relating and Nonviolent Communication tools.

02. Overcome
People Pleasing
03. Heal the Hurt Parts

We will patiently tend to the small and fearful parts inside us. They developed in order to protect us, even though now they limit us.

04. The Group is a Mirror for You 

The group is the greatest tool we have to experiment with speaking our truth in a supportive environment.


 Your guide, Hava Horowitz 

With the J Crew blazer on, I can be found teaching Presence and Leadership Communication at institutions like Harvard Business School and Proctor + Gamble. Without the blazer, more like Tevas and malas instead, I've studied shamanism, sound healing, and mindfulness for the past ten years.


But my healing journey, like most, came from a place of utter desperation. Depression. Addiction. Grief. Profound Loneliness.


During the dark ages, this singer since the womb barely hummed for five years. This wildly social, connected child suddenly became people-phobic, preferring to spend saturday night coding in the library  rather than catching up with friends. (Don't ask.)

I spent so much time estranged from my truth that I could’ve sworn I was sharing my soul with a stranger.

It took me time to return to feeling like me again. The most powerful medicine I found is in re-establishing meaningful, authentic connections with others. In this group coaching container, we are allowing ourselves to be witnessed in our evolution. 

 Client Success Stories 

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Next Cohort Begins in October '24.

  • What is included with the program?
    * Weekly 90min group coaching calls over the three months * 2 hour-long private coaching sessions with Hava per month * Unlimited text and voice note support * Access to hub of resources * 3 books that will be our reference material
  • You mention Authentic Relating and Nonviolent Communication. What is that?
    Authentic Relating is an interpersonal meditation practices that centers on the question: "what is it like to be me when i'm with you?" This practice is all about awakening to our present moment experience (thoughts, sensations, emotions, physical experience) and making what is typically hidden from each other, revealed. These practices serves as a backbone for us to safely explore authentic self-disclosure, owning our truth, and receiving feedback about our presence from one another. Nonviolent Communication is a conversational framework developed by Marshall Rosenberg. It empower us to request what we really want out of life. It also offers a process to transform conflict and tension into an opportunity to get closer to the needs/desires of our peers. These tools give us a common foundation to express our truth in a way that honors everyone in the group. We may find that almost any messages can be communicated if they are delivered in the right way.
  • I suffer from chronic people pleasing/imposter syndrome/social anxiety/fear of public speaking... is this program for me?
    Yes, yes, yes, yes. This program is tailored for individuals ready to shatter the barriers of self-silencing, people-pleasing, and self-doubt. Here's a sneak peek of what's in store: Master the art of being you. Connect with the power of your voice and body as tools to get you closer to what you desire. Break free from the confines of people-pleasing through developing our communication and conflict skills. Through intensive practice of setting boundaries and making requests, your life will stop being at the whim of everyone else. Develop an inner narrative that helps you start owning your life and circumstances. Imposter syndrome can find its way out. Exude infectious charisma that starts from within. Learn the secret tools top communicators use to look and ~feel~ full of confidence.
  • What is the time investment for this program?
    We will officially meet as a group once per week for 90mins. In between sessions, expect around 1.5 hrs of personal work. We will have 2 one hour, one-on-one coaching sessions throughout the program. You are invited to be in touch with myself and other group members as frequently as is helpful via text.
  • I am interested. How do I learn more?
    Please submit the form above or reach out to me at to express your interest. I can share many more details with you when you do.
  • What's the benefit of doing this work in a group?
    The group is a safe place to explore our edges. It is also a safe place to stretch, mess up, and grow. We will witness eachother showing up in new ways, receive feedback, and even engage in productive conflict. You will be challenged to practice revealing your experience, and inevitably, it won't always be positive. Perhaps, we feel confused, or bored after a group member speaks. Or we may feel grateful for this experience today but tapped out the next. We welcome everything that is true in the space.
  • So a public speaking course, a social experiment, and intuitive healing work had a baby...?
    Well, that's one way to put it. In other words, our authentic expression depend on our mindset, our behavior, and our audience. All of these factors play off one another in determining what is true for us and how we show up. Our mindset is the most difficult aspect of the three to change. We grow attached to patterns of thought and ways of seeing the world. Some of these mindsets engrain at a very young age that keep us small and protected. Throughout the three months, we will embrace these young, wounded parts of us that have kept us small. We will nurture them, pass the mic to them, and give them permission to transform. It feels like our behavior is more in our control sometimes. This is the "fake it till you make it" approach. When we show up in new ways with our body language, voice, and other faculties, we live in the world in a new way. Our mindset and our environment responds to these behavioral shifts too. We will learn the best practices in public speaking and acting - or using our humanity as an instrument to make impact. We do not live in a vaccuum. We impact one another. We strive to be able to honor one another and ourselves as we become more liberated and expressive. Sometimes we may choose to show up in different ways depending on who our audience is. On the other hand, sometime we may find ourselves unconsciously reacting to one another, withdrawing, triggered, or trying to impress one another. By practicing authentic relating tools and interpersonal conflict skills, we will be able to bring even these unsavory human experiences into the light. They hold a lot of wisdom for us to learn from.
  • What will be the structure of each session?
    The general structure of each session will be: 1) 10 mins dedicated to awakening presence what's it like to be here together // what's it like to be me here -- group meditation, check-ins, heartshares, reveals, resistances 2) 35 mins dedicated to experiments in... not asking permission, stretching our expressiveness range, requesting what we want, setting boundaries, moving ahead despite fear, embracing our hurt, witnessing and being witnessed, hearing and being heard, 3) 35 mins dedicated to learning new content 4) 5 mins to checkout, assign accountability, determine homework
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