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Do these sound familiar?

1) Shy and Mighty

You have big goals and aspirations, but are terrified of amplifying yourself in a bigger way. Your resistance to being in the spotlight seems to be blocking your progress. 

2) Stuck in Silence

You seem to always be stuck on the sidelines of exciting projects at work. It's like your assertive and social colleagues hear your thoughts and say them first and louder. You know you need to improve your public speaking and communication skills to have a chance.

3) Social Pressured

Your preference to canoodle with you cat every Saturday eve doesn't help with your loneliness. You want to connect more deeply with people but struggle in most social settings with anxiety. You know that to build relationships on your terms, you'll have to set boundaries and learn some new communication tools.

What You Can Expect

Your Sh*t Will Surface

You've reached out for Introvert Empowerment Coaching because you know something has to change. For sustainable self-shifts to occur, our insecurities, fears, self-doubt - all your 'shit' - will come to the light. Whatever arises, we will love that. Trust the process as we expand our conception of self.

Personalized Program

The program is typically 9-weeks and is fully customized based off of your unique needs. You have access to a hub of resources and unlimited texting support with me.


We move quickly together, rapidly prototyping new ways of being and seeing the world.  I have found that change feels easier when we treat it like an experiment, rather than a permanent change. Like a scientist, we observe the impact of our new behaviors and skills with a degree of detachment. 

Multiple Modalities

This work brings together mindfulness practice, leadership communication theory, and acting techniques. We will be exploring how the human body and voices are vehicles for personal presence, and discovering how we can come in closer connection with our human instrument.


Time for a Personal Power-Up?

The next chapter begins today. Please share your information and intention for coaching with me by submitting this form. Expect a follow-up within a day.

Thanks for submitting!

As a new leader, I was unsure of my voice, but this program not only helped me embrace my introverted nature, but also equipped me with the tools to lead with conviction and empathy."

Josh K, Startup Founder

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